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KAYSONS strives to provide to the increasing demands of customers throughout the world – without neglecting the basic fundamentals of safety products, their protocols, and product enhancements.

The origination of the company dates back to 1982, when three determined brothers united to endeavor the export of gloves from Pakistan. The Piracha family succeeded in their intentions, propelled to their goals by consistently delivering to vast markets internationally and sustaining through the volatile business conditions of their homeland.

KAYSONS manufactures the safest quality work gloves at reasonable costs, despite of a fluctuating price market. By making the best quality products and satisfying your requirements, we build a bond with you to mutually overcome the global challenges.We are continuously enhancing our manufacturing facilities to incorporate the newest technologies. Our Technical Staff and Research Team are constantly striving for new ways to improve existing products and to develop new innovative designs. Our commitments to manufacturing, research, and development are reflected in our heavy investments in these areas.

All of our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001: 2000. This stringent quality management system assures our customers of consistent high quality products. We have earned a reputation in the market as a quality conscious manufacturer and we will give our utmost effort to maintain this status. It would be a lie to say that we have run for the past 30 + years without any complaints or issues. Respecting your complaints and delivering a demanded result is our objective.

KAYSONS is a brand name, and therefore quality is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is our objective and takes precedence over all other aspects. KAYSONS respects its clients, and will keep thriving through its R&D to meet their expectations.

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